Rap Sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh Shares His Plans About Upcoming Grooves 

Rap Sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh has revealed his plans for new grooves and here’s what he has to say.

All the Honey Singh fans are desperately waiting to chill out on his new songs. Well, we finally have some news on Bollywood‘s rap sensation’s plan for the same!

Giving us clarity on his upcoming plans, the rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh shared,

“I expected a lot and yes, I am getting a lot more than I expected. It took four to six months to make this song and according to me, the product comes out once it’s ready. It should get more reach rather than views from masses to classes to everyone. And now, the chain of songs is ready, we’ll start travelling again. We will be shooting both our two songs in March which will be out- back to back. There are two to three songs and the next for which we are shooting is named as “First Kiss” and then, there is one more which is a dance song named “Saiyaan”.”

Rap Sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh Shares His Plans About Upcoming Grooves

The much-anticipated love track by the rapper will be out soon with some cool new music videos just like a cherry on top of the cake. The 2 new songs will be hailed on by fans back to back and will surely knock them out, taking them in the zone of rap euphoria.

The quintessential Bollywood rapper is popular for his habit of experimenting with his music and does not believe in compromising with the quality of his songs. The enormous success of his last song “Loca” which successfully mixed elements of a Reggaeton beat with Spanish-Esque instrumentals prove that the rapper has been hugely successful in experimenting with his songs.

The rap sensation’s last love audio track “Love Dose” left the fans craving for more.

Honey Singh is very well-known for his party songs but has also been triumphant in being versatile and making trance-inducing love songs. His fans have always been dazzled by his work and just cannot wait for his new songs to sweep them off their feet.


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