WWE Star John Cena Proves That He is a Big Fan of Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has been one of the most successful actors in the Bollywood film industry. Not only in Bollywood but also he is very famous across the globe. He has done some amazing films which are truly loved by the fans and his acting is immensely praised. Not only in Bollywood but also his movies are quite famous internationally and he definitely has a huge fan following. Talking about the famous wrestler John Cena, he has been a very big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and has a lot of respect for him. He shares many posts and tweets which relate or mention Shah Rukh which truly depicts how much this world-famous wrestler admires our Bollywood star.

Recently John Cena had shared a quote from Shah Rukh Khan on twitter which he had said in the Ted Talks last year. John Cena had tweeted,

“Neither power nor poverty can make your life more magical or less torturous Shah Rukh Khan.”

This completely shows how big fan of SRK this famous wrestler is. Shah Rukh Khan also replied to his tweet by writing,

“Thanks my friend for spreading the goodness. It’s important to inspire so many kids who look up to u as their hero,” to which John Cena replied, “ Your words and work reach so many. They have helped me smile, laugh, think, and grow. Thank you, for being you.”

Previously also John Cena has been posting many tweets related to SRK, which shared his talks or quotes. He has been a true follower of SRK. The recent post which he has shared was a part of Shah Rukh’s quote. The full quote was,

“Neither power nor poverty can make your life more magical or less torturous. . . . Whatever helps you survive is perhaps the oldest and simplest emotion known to mankind.”

John Cena has shared many articles of  Shah Ruk Khan before also. Referring to an article about our Baadshah he tweeted,

“This was randomly put up ina small article by @theCHIVE very glad I stumbled across it,” to which SRK replied, “thx for taking out time to ‘See’ it. Wish I can ‘See u’ someday. Love & health to u my man.”

According to more reports, not only Bollywood celebrities like SRK but also John Cena has been a great fan of the famous Indian cricketers like Kapil Dev and Rahul Dravid. It is clear from the fact that this popular wrestler also loves to watch cricket and is a great fan of these cricketers. He had also shared a post related to Rahul Dravid. The post had Rahul Dravid’s picture and it said,

“You don’t play for revenge, you play for respect and pride.”

He had also shared a photo of Kapil Dev previously but did not give any caption to it. He has been a great fan of Indian celebrities and his posts truly depict the fact.

John Cena has been one of the most successful wrestlers of all times and has proved his establishment in the WWE. However, it’s great to know the fact that he truly admires Indian celebrities, especially King Khan, Shah Rukh. He has always shared good words and wishes with him and seems to be quite inspired by Shah Rukh Khan. These posts and the exchange of messages between the two celebrities truly define the kind of relationship they have. They both have always respected each other’s work and have truly loved it. They both have a very good relationship and they’ve been really good friends. Shah Rukh Khan also expresses his desire to meet John Cena in one of his replies to John Cena’s post. They both have really been on the top of their respective careers and they both have a large number of fan following and so both of them respect each other and remain very much inspired by each other.

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