Late Music Composer Wajid Khan’s Mother Is COVID-19 Positive

Late music composer Wajid Khan’s mother: Razina Khan has tested positive for COVID-19 and there is one another news that Wajid Khan despite being COVID-19 positive at the time of his death didn’t die because of it. Kidney infection and some other complications were the very reason that caused his untimely demise.

Doctors from across the world share a common view that recovery from coronavirus is very much possible. But tiny tots, old age people and people with a medical history are more susceptible to coronavirus related deaths.

In other words, there were good chances that Wajid Khan could have survived if he wasn’t suffering from a Kidney infection and some other complications.

Coming back to Wajid’s mother: Razina Khan. She is being treated at Mumbai’s Surana hospital in Chembur. Co-incidentally Wajid Khan received treatment in the same hospital, stated a report on PTI.

A source revealed to the agency.

“She has tested positive. She is doing fine and will remain in the hospital for a few more days till her test comes out negative”

Talking about Wajid Khan’s last rites. They took place in the Versova cemetery this Monday. Survivors, including wife Yasmeen and brother Sajid Khan, were part of the last rites. Bollywood actor Aditya Pancholi was also spotted at the cemetery.

Sonu Nigam Pulwama Attack

Immediately after Wajid Khan’s demise at midnight on Monday, celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan, Salman Khan, and others paid their condolences via Twitter. Singer Sonu Nigam (currently in Dubai) was the first Bollywood celeb to inform the public about Khan’s demise.

We have entered June of the Year 2020 and to date, we have lost a lot of celebs. Moving ahead in the future when we have a look back and compare this year to other years that have passed by, one will for sure notice a surge in the number of entertainment industry deaths in 2020.


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