7 Bollywood Actors And Their First Jobs Before Acting (Vol.2)

Bollywood Actors And Their First Jobs: 

Millions of people dream of becoming successful actors in the Bollywood Industry. Where thousands of people wish to become successful and famous as Bollywood superstars, only a handful of them are able to fulfill their dreams. It requires a lot of hard work and determination to become a successful actor. These Bollywood stars have proved that no matter how big your dream is if you have the right will and determination, nothing is impossible to achieve. 

 1. Soha Ali Khan 

Daughter of famous Sharmila Tagore, Soha is a well-known personality of the Bollywood industry. But before entering Bollywood, she did her masters from the London School of Economics. Before starting her career in movies, she worked with Ford Foundation and Citibank. 

 2. John Abraham 

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He started to work at a very young age because of financial problems in his family. He started his career in modeling, and soon he was selected as a model in an ad agency. From there, he got recognized and was chose to act in films. 

 3. Sunny Leone 

Sunny Leone

Before starting her career as a Bold actress Sunny Leone tried to work in a German Bakery and a retirement firm.

 4. Rajinikanth 

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Superstar of the South Indian Film Industry, he is a legendary actor of Bollyood, as well. He is no less than a god in South India. Before becoming a successful superstar, he had his share of struggles. To support his family, he had to work as a coolie and carpenter. He even worked as a bus conductor. 

 5. Raaj Kumar 

One of the most stylish actors of Bollywood, Raaj Kumar, was a famous actor in his time. Before starting his career in acting, he was a subinspector under Mumbai Police. 

 6. Zeenat Aman 

She is one of the most respectable and legendary actors of her time. Before starting her career as a successful actress, she was a journalist in a leading ad agency. 

 7. Ashok Kumar 

One of the most famous and celebrated actors of Bollywood, Ashok Kumar had a glorious career in Bollywood. You will be amazed to know that he had no intention of becoming an actor. He was a lab assistant at Himanshu rai’s studio. Rai was making Jeevan Naiya in 1936 when his wife eloped with the hero of the film. Rai then made Ashok Kumar, his lab assistant, the hero of the film, and the rest is history. 

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