Virat Kohli Has A Perfect Pic For Those Who Shamed Wifey: Anushka For Posting Her Bikini Pic

It was not so long ago, when Anushka Sharma had shared her picture, donning a bikini, and she was slammed left and right by the trollers for the same. Many netizens, who claimed to be passionate followers of Virat Kohli, shamed the actress in the name of Virat’s ‘reputation’.

One of the comment read,

‘How can you post a picture like this?’ ‘You’re Virat Kohli’s wife. Behave like one’

Virat who’s way above these ‘low thoughts’, thought of a unique way to deal with these trolls all on social media. He posted a pic with Anuskha, where latter donning a black bikini, is looking super-hot, while Virat is seen making a goofy face.

But some trolls didn’t get the message & posted messages:

Scar @RAC7R: “Again & again Virat Kohli has to post pics posing naked, if this isn’t economic slowdown I don’t know what is.” (sic)

THE SKIN DOCTOR @theskindoctor13: “Batao yaar, Virat Kohli aur Anushka Sharma jaise crorepatiyon tak ke kapde utar gaye. Economic slowdown ka isse bada sign aur kya hoga?” (sic)

IRONY MAN @karanku100: “There is a slowdown in the textile industry that’s why Virat is encouraging Indians not to wear cloth & help economy.” (sic)

So, we have an only suggestion for the couple, keep social media & personal life at a safe distance. Only that way these trolls can be dealt with in an effective manner.

Virat Kohli Anushka
Virat Kohli Anushka

Meanwhile, recently Virat gave an interview listing similarities between the couple. He said,

“She is also from a similar background as me. We come from middle-class families, made it in their respective careers, worked hard, got to a certain stage. In hindsight, when we look into our lives, they were going at the same pace but in totally different worlds.”

“The timelines of my debut is 2008, the timeline of her starting her first film, shooting for it was 2008 August. We met in 2013 and outlives have been so similar in totally different worlds and then we got along so well.

We were talking real things, we were talking things that a lot of people don’t connect with, and only if you have seen that life will you understand what we are talking about. So the connect was there immediately.”

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