VIRAL VIDEO: Just After Five Days Of Marriage, Aditya Narayan Threatens To Send Wife Shweta To Her Maternal Home

Bollywood’s famous actor and singer Aditya Narayan recently married actress Shweta Aggarwal. Before marriage, both of them had dated each other for a long time. Many film stars attended the wedding of Aditya and Shweta Aggarwal and also had a lot of fun. Now Aditya has threatened to send wife Shweta to her Maayka only five days after their marriage.

Aditya Narayan

Actually, these days Shweta Aggarwal is performing all the rituals after reaching Sasural. Meanwhile, a video of her on social media has surfaced, in which she is seen cooking with Aditya Narayan’s mother Deepa Narayan. The video shows Shweta Aggarwal cooking with Deepa Nayaran in the kitchen. While cooking food, Aditya Narayan is making a video of her.

While making the video, Aditya tells Shweta that no effort should be left in bringing up the taste of the dish she is preparing, otherwise he’ll send he to her in-laws. Actually, Aditya Narayan forgets the dialog & says in-laws instead of maiden. While correcting, he tells his wife Shweta Aggarwal that there should be no deficiency in the taste or else he’ll send her to her maternal house.

The video further shows that his wife Shweta Aggarwal and family members start laughing out loud after listening to Aditya Narayan. The video of Aditya Narayan has been shared on the Instagram account named adiholic_simmi. Aditya and Shweta Aggarwal’s fans are very fond of the video. They are also giving their feedback by commenting together.

Let us tell you that on Tuesday, December 1, Aditya Narayan and Shweta Aggarwal took their wedding vows as an important journey of life. Both of them looked fabulous together in their marriage. Pictures of Aditya and Shweta’s wedding went viral on social media. Recently, Aditya revealed that he had to face a wardrobe malfunction while his friends and family lifted him up during varmala.


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