Vidya Balan Turns Producer With Her First Short Film ‘Natkhat’

Famed Bollywood Actor: Vidya Balan took to her social media pages and shared the first look of her short film titled ‘Natkhat’. ‘Natkhat’ also marks Vidya’s debut as a film producer.

Her Hubby: Siddarth Roy Kapur is also a film producer.

Unlike the past times, these days both male and female entertainment industry citizens try their hands at almost all of the jobs that are crucial to the creation of a product that entertains both TV and box office audiences.

It was just last year when Bollywood Actor cum The Dirty Picture Girl: Vidya Balan announced that she will be donning the hat of a producer with a short film titled Natkhat. The film tells the story of a mother who enlightens her son about gender equality, respect for women from a very young age. Vidya also teaches her on-screen son the very importance of consent when it comes to any kind of relationship.

Vidya Balan Short Film Natkhat
Vidya Balan Short Film Natkhat

In the poster, that Vidya shared she could be seen donning a simple saree with a veil on her head and a sindoor on her forehead while she is massaging her young son’s head. Vidya is giving a thoughtful look as if she is tensed about something. Our new producer captioned the post with words,

““Ek kahaani sunoge…?” Presenting the first look of my first short film as a producer and also as an actor #Natkhat. @rsvpmovies #ronniescrewvala @sanayairanizohrabi @shaanvs @annukampa_harsh.”

Have a look at her post below:

Sometime back while talking about Natkhat, Vidya had said,

“It’s the beautiful and powerful story that called out to me in a way that made me want to act in it and also turn producer. And who better than RSVP to do it with!”

Vidya also told Mid Day,

“So, in the film, the mother systematically tries to change a child’s perspective of the power equation, gender equality, respect and more, through stories. Conversations around the role of parenting, and what constitutes consent should be constantly evolving. We are both victims and perpetrators of patriarchy.”

Vidya’s way of making a safer society for women by educating kids from their childhood days the very importance of respecting women is a step in the right direction. This approach should be included in primary education systems all across the world.


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