Vicky Kaushal Narrates His Experience When He Faced His Parents After News Of The Drug Party Went Public

Celebs around the world take to social media to keep in touch with their fans and know their taste & ultimately use it to increase their popularity. Sometimes they even share their personal moments online with fans. But those days are not far when making a social media profile will be considered a risk to one’s life both at a personal & professional level.  One such incident happened with Vicky Kaushal while he was attending Karan Johar‘s party. Someone from the party posted a video online that showed Vicky & other celebs and they were accused of being in a drugged position.

Vicky Kaushal The Drug Party
Vicky Kaushal The Drug Party

In a F2F with Mid-day, Vicky shared his side of the story,

“It was a very chilled-out party. That video is put out. And right after, I am in the hills in Arunachal Pradesh, with the Army, for three-four days, where there is no network. Obviously I don’t know. And I have no clue that I’ve become the ‘charsi of the country’!”

“I come back to Bombay, and my mom and dad know everything. They have been watching the news. They didn’t tell me before, because I would get affected, sitting there [in Arunachal].

So I head to my room. Before going off to sleep, I get on Twitter, and then I’m like, “Hain? FIR! Yeh kya hua? I’m looking at those videos circling, white thing, and light falling on the floor.”

When asked about his parents’ reaction to all this, he said, they already knew about the whole incident and they just gave a smile saying ‘Don’t worry’ to Vicky.

“I was, like, okay, as long as they know, I’m sorted. Then the next day it started affecting me again, with TV channels circling my face in red!”

Why Didn’t Vicky Release a Public Statement 

“I thought I should come out and speak, but realized that would be an impulsive response. That is as impulsive as them factualising an assumption, which doesn’t make sense.”


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