Varun Dhawan’s Girlfriend Natasha Dalal Receives a Death Threat by a Crazy Fan

Varun Dhawan received a death threat directed towards his girlfriend Natasha Dalal, and a complaint has been lodged against the stalker. As per the news that was out there in public, Varun Dhawan received a death threat from a female fan of his, who was mumbling  ‘I will kill Natasha Dalal.’

It is an accepted part of celebrities life that they are stalked in every possible way by the fans and this part of the life no celebrity can escape, be it here or abroad. Whether it is their house, their holiday vacation spots, events or shooting sets, fans make their way towards these celebs to interact and have selfies with them.

Celebs do acknowledge these humble requests whenever they can. But it sometimes happens that their tiring schedules make them unable to acknowledge every request. This is where things go south. In a recent incident that happened with Varun Dhawan, an aggressive female fan of his, chose the life threatening way to get his attention.

As per the inputs from a leading tabloid, this fan threatened Varun that she would harm his girlfriend Natasha Dalal if the actor didn’t meet her. Revealing the facts in detail, a source stated,

“This fan has been doing the rounds of Varun’s house for quite a while now and Varun usually obliges all such selfie requests, subject to his availability. Her wait was stretched to several hours. Varun arrived home late, but giving no attention to this fact, she was insisting for a meeting right then and there. But Varun was pretty tired from the day’s work and desired that much-needed rest. But she refused to leave and got into a squabble. In the beginning, she said she will hurt herself. But after that threat failed to do the job, she was enraged. She began mumbling that she will harm Natasha.”

Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal

When after 45 minutes of conversation that was meant to make her understand things, she refused to budge, Varun was alerted. Her constant death threats to Natasha scared the nearby public, and at last, Varun called the nearby police station to report the incident.

Varun’s response is still awaited! We will keep you posted.


Gaurav Gupta

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