Here’s The Reason Why Varun Dhawan Postponed His Engagement With Natasha Dalal

Both Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal have been dating for a long time now. They have been close to each other since the time when they both were children and it was rumored that they were to enter the wedlock anytime soon. And to confirm this rumor, it was announced that on the eve of the to be groom’s birthday i.e. Varun they both will get engaged. And also his family will make it official that Natasha will be the family’s ‘Bahu’. But unluckily all the plans fell flat.

Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal

As per the words of an insider who gave an interview while remaining anonymous,

“We heard the plan was to announce Coolie No. 1 and bring Varun’s girlfriend Natasha out on the stage as the bahu of the Dhawan family. But there were last-minute changes of plan and Varun flew out of the country for his birthday with his girlfriend.”

The source added,

“Varun is very busy right now. He needs to take time off from his schedule and devote time to engagement and wedding. It will all happen in due course,”

In the recent past, during the promotion events of Kalank, Varun had talked about Natasha Dalal and told Filmfare,

“She (Natasha) and I went to school together. So, she knows my parents since ages. She’s been attending functions with my parents before also but it wasn’t photographed then. She’s my rock, she’s my anchor. She’s the stabilising factor in my life. It’s pretty much like family.”

Kalank Budget

Meanwhile, when it comes to the professional front, Varun’s latest release Kalank that had much of a hype around had a nosedive on the box-office with a one-star rating out of five, despite its big budget investment and a multi-star cast. It was a complete failure, alternate to what its promotion events projected prior to its release.

In other words, content prevails whenever it comes to ruling the box-office, no amount of promotion and budget can overshadow it.


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