Urvashi Rautela Reacts to Her Viral Video With Boney Kapoor

Earlier today, a video that has actress Urvashi Rautela and Boney Kapoor in the centre from Jayantilal Gada’s son’s wedding went viral on the internet but for all the wrong reasons. A lot of social media reports claimed that the senior producer apparently tried to get close to the former Miss Diva at the family function. Reacting to the upsetting social media reports that were doing rounds since the morning on the internet, Urvashi finally took the matter into her own hands and used her social media handle and broke her silence.

Sharing a snapshot of the leading news channel which carried the report, the actress tweeted,

“Presumably one of India’s ‘SUPREME’ newspaper and this is ‘NEWS’!!?? Please, don’t talk about GIRL POWER or WOMEN’S LIBERATION when YOU don’t know how to RESPECT/HONOUR GIRLS.” (sic)

In case you haven’t seen that video yet, take a look at it here:

As soon as she came out clear with her thoughts on the matter, her fans and supporters took no time to rally behind in her support. And while some of them took a strong stand alongside the actress, there were a few who had a different point of view at the same instant after watching the same video. Here’s how the Twitter users reacted:

Mam we are always with you …you have to take some actions against this people who are making fun of you @urva

— BJP Vir Manish (@qwertyuiop991as) April 1, 2019

He did touched you inappropriately…it can be clearly seen…but you won’t raise ur voice against them…y so scared?

— Deep Yeragi (@yeragi_deep) April 1, 2019

Boney Kapoor Urvashi Rautela

To be precise, some blamed Urvashi as the one who let herself in this situation, as the poses both she and Boney Kapoor were giving without any discomfort, did send some suspicious signals. While on the other hand, some advised her to take these ill-minds to task for misinterpreting public appearances and blowing it out of proportion and that too in a wrongful way.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen which side appears victorious. As the future has in the real and reel truth behind this viral video. This is Bollywood and the relationship mathematics of this place is definitely an unpredictable one.


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