Twinkle Khanna Takes a Dig at PM Narendra Modi Again & Imitates Him

The actor-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna is known for her unfiltered opinions served with intelligent humor. She is often seen taking jibes at our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and this time too, she has just repeated that. Trending on micro blogging sites like Twitter, Twinkle Khanna posted a picture in which she can be seen making a yoga pose. She also imitated the PM and called ‘Meditation Photography the next big thing’. Here is the picture she recently posted that is going viral like crazy. Have a look:

Folks please sign up-After seeing so many spiritual images in the last few days-I am now starting a series of workshops ‘Meditation Photography-Poses and Angles’ I have a feeling after wedding photography this is going to be the next big thing 🙂

This sarcastic dig came only a day after PM Modi’s picture from Kedarnath pictures became fresh fodder for memes, giving Mrs. Funnybones a chance to strike at the ruling government’s leader once again. In case you missed the pictures, here are they. Check them out:

Among many who took potshots at the PM for this visit and his photops, Twinkle only made her contribution count. The interesting thing to note here is that recently, Twinkle’s husband Akshay Kumar took Narendra Modi’s interview because of which he landed in a couple of controversies. During the interview, PM Modi had revealed that he is not unaware of his wife’s opinion towards him and he reads all of her funny tweets. He said,

Akshay Kumar Elections

“I follow you (Akshay Kumar) and Twinkle Khanna ji on Twitter. From the way she targets me, I understand there must be peace in your family life,” said PM Modi, drawing brief laughter from the actor. “All her anger must have been spent on me, and so you must be feeling at peace.”

Twinkle Khanna, about the same, replied on her timeline,

“I have a rather positive way of looking at this – Not only is the Prime Minister aware that I exist but he actually reads my work.”

These regular potshots and jibes at each other do not take away the fact that in the undertone of humor, none disrespected each other which often in this case happens. Though Akshay’s interview might have worked for the PM himself, owing to the image and fandom in the society, it backfired for the man who apparently holds Canadian citizenship and not Indian. He was badly criticized for the same.

But guess his wife is keeping it light and continuing what she does best, making people laugh with her wit!


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