Twinkle Khanna Messes With Akshay Kumar’s iPad on Valentine Day Eve

Twinkle Khanna’s social media confession of messing with Hubby: Akshay Kumar’s iPad has landed her in trouble.

Twinkle Khanna dropped a hint on her social media account that she messed with Akshay Kumar’s iPad and the superstar is both mad and furious at his spouse.

Twinkle Khanna Messes With Akshay Kumar’s iPad On Valentine Day Eve

Twinkle Khanna is always up to something. But this time she went overboard and landed herself in a little trouble with husband Akshay Kumar. This Mrs. Funnybones confessed to Akshay on Twitter that she might have messed with his iPad and the superstar, for obvious reasons, is angry at her.

(Akshay Kumar is also of the same nature. Whenever he’s at The Kapil Sharma Show he makes it hard for them to survive even one episode.)

But action man Akshay is all set for revenge in a positive way of course. Twinkle changed the password of Akshay’s iPad rendering it unusable for her hubby. Twinkle was having no cruel intentions like other loving wives. She just wanted her hubby to spend some time with her this Valentine’s Day.

Twinkle even dropped a hint to have used a cough syrup so that the device is disabled and prompted Akshay towards the same.

“A Valentine’s gift for all women and it may or may not involve cough syrups:) Here is my guide on how to survive marriage without going to jail,” tweeted Twinkle, adding, “@akshaykumar you do remember a disabled device? #ValentinesDay”

Akshay was quick to react and with an angry emoticon, he wrote,

“And all this while I was blaming my PA for fidgeting with my iPad. Now contemplating which method to use to get back. Your suggestions?”

Have a look at their conversation here:

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna got hitched in the year 2001. The wedding surprised many since Akshay was supposed to be in a relationship with a lot of his co-stars at that time. The couple would celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in 2021.


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