Trolls Who Abused Shabana Azami Even in Her Bad Times Taken to Task by Netizens

We all know that those who mean good do not differentiate and the same goes for those who mean harm. In other words, good people leave no one untouched in the path of their good like a flower’s scent in travel and people who mean harm do the same as a bad smell in travel. Just last Saturday news came that Shabana Azmi and her husband Javed Akhtar who were in their car whilst traveling on Mumbai-Pune expressway met with an accident.

Shabana Azami
Shabana Azami

As a result, Shabana suffered from serious injuries and was immediately admitted to MGM hospital. Luckily Javed Akhtar was safe and is now by her wife’s side wishing for her speedy recovery.

As per an ANI tweet,

“Raigad Police: Actor Shabana Azmi and her driver got injured in an accident near Kahalpur on Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Javed Akhtar was also present in the car, but he is safe. Their vehicle was hit by a truck while they were travelling from Pune to Mumbai. Injured shifted to MGM Hospital”

As the news began to spread, a lot of wishes started to pour in for her speedy recovery praying that there are no major health concerns. As per the latest reports, the actor has suffered from minor injuries on her nose and is currently in a state of shock.

But some heartless people used this situation of hers to get rid of their personal vendetta. They started posting heartless comments like ‘Karma’ and many more on Twitter. But there were people with sense on Twitter and they took these trolls to task by telling them to stop showing inhumanity and spreading hatred.

Below are some of the mixed reactions to Shabana’s accident:






On the other hand, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal posted a tweet,

“Came to know abt Shabana Azmi ji’s accident. I pray to God for her fast recovery and good health.”





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