Tollywood Movies Nominated For Oscars

Tollywood Movies Nominated For Oscars: 

India has submitted many films in many languages for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film since the year 1957. That a year after the incorporation of this category under which the films are sent now. This prestigious award is given annually by the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to a feature-length motion picture which is produced outside the United States and that contains primarily non-English dialogues.

It’s a very prestigious award ceremony where well deserving movies are being awarded and are internationally recognized.  There are many Hindi language movies as well which were being sent for Oscars. There are just 5 Indian movies which are being nominated till now and those are Mother India, Salaam Bombay, Lagaan, Little Terrorist, and Water. Following is the list of Tollywood movies which are being sent for the Oscars. Unfortunately, no movie has been yet nominated from the region.

Year     Title name           Original Name of the Movie       Language       Director                  Result

1969      Deiva Magan        Deiva Magan (தெய்வ மகன்)            Tamil           A. C. Tirulokchandar    Not Nominated

1986     Swati Mutyam     Swati Mutyam (స్వాతి ముత్యం)             Telugu          Kasinadhuni                  Not Nominated

1987       Nayakan              Nayakan (நாயகன்)                                Tamil         Mani Ratnam                   Not Nominated

1990       Anjali                  Anjali (அஞ்சலி)                                        Tamil         Mani Ratnam                  Not Nominated

1992       Thevar Magan   Thevar Magan (தேவர் மகன்)               Tamil        Bharathan                         Not Nominated

1995       Kuruthipunal     Kuruthipunal (குருதிப்புனல்)              Tamil         P. C. Sreeram                   Not Nominated

1996       Indian                 Indian (இந்தியன்)                                   Tamil        S. Shankar                        Not Nominated

1998       Jeans                  Jeans (ஜீன்ஸ்)                                             Tamil       S. Shankar                        Not Nominated

2000      Hey Ram           Hey Ram (ஹே ராம் हे राम)                       Tamil                                                  Not Nominated

2016       Interrogation    Visaranai (விசாரணை)                           Tamil      Vetrimaaran                    Not Nominated

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