Tiger Shroff to Make His Hollywood Debut With Jackie Chan And Shannon Lee?

There are many Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and a few others who have made their mark in the Hollywood. Now the reports are suggesting that even Tiger Shroff is all set to make his Hollywood debut. The reports suggest that Tiger Shroff might make his debut with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee. Tiger Shroff has surely been one of the most talented actors of the Bollywood industry and is one of the best action stars in Hindi cinema. He has delivered many amazing films and now it seems that he might appear in Hollywood with the number 1 action star Jackie Chan.

As per a Mumbai Mirror’s report, Lawrence Kasanoff who is also the producer of Mortal Combat visited Mumbai and he also met Tiger Shroff to discuss his upcoming project. According to the sources, it is being said that this talented actor was recommended by Gulshan Grover’s son, Sanjay Grover. It is a very good news that one more actor can make his debut in Hollywood after actors like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan who have already made their mark in Hollywood.

According to the reports, Larry shared the script of his film with Sanjay Grover after which he recommended the name of Tiger Shroff who is also his childhood buddy. According to further reports, Larry and his team were quite impressed with Tiger Shroff and they think that this talented superstar has an international look, he knows martial arts very well and has a very huge fan following. They think that Tiger Shroff will suit perfectly in their project and so it looks like one more actor from the Bollywood industry is very soon going to make a debut in Hollywood.

A source of Mumbai Mirror stated,

“Larry shared the script of his film with Sanjay who suggested they bring on board a fresh new face to play the lead and strongly recommended his childhood buddy Tiger with whom he had studied in school, to play the lead. Larry and his team were impressed with Tiger who they felt has an international look, is trained in martial arts, has a large fan following and has age on his side.”

According to the sources, a studio head, some of their associates, and Emmy award-winning writer of the Batman series Catherine Derek had also come to India along with Larry. Gulshan Grover has been a part of this project for the last one year and so he was also present at the meetings. The source said,

“Along with Larry, a big studio head, some of their associates and Emmy Award-winning writer Sean Catherine Derek of the Batman series had also flown to India. Sanjay Grover, who has been a part of the project for the last one year, was also present at the meetings.”

Tiger Shroff Jackie Chan Shannon Lee

This project can definitely be one of the biggest projects of Tiger Shroff in his career till date. He has been working really hard on his body these days and is having a very good workout session. This film is definitely going to be a very big budgeted, mainstream Hollywood film and it is a really good news for Tiger Shroff that he is being considered for such kind of a project in which he could be seen alongside Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee. Tiger Shroff has always been a treat to watch on the big screen in action movies and his beefed up body completely supports him in such roles. Now he could be seen doing action scenes also with the number 1 action star, Jackie Chan which would take his career to a next level.

The source finally summed it up by saying,

“This could be the biggest break for an Indian actor in a big budget, mainstream Hollywood film which could spin into a worldwide Intellectual Property Franchise like Mortal Kombat. Casting an Indian actor in the main lead in a Hollywood film is a first for Larry too.”

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