THIS Is HOW AR Rahman Reacted To The Host Talking In Hindi At ’99 Songs’ Audio Launch

During the audio launch of his production 99 Songs, AR Rahman showed the humorous side of himself. We can see him in the video from the event in which the Mozart of Madras indulged in banter with the host. In that video, while introducing the leading actor of 99 Songs, Ehan Bhat, we can see that the host started speaking in Hindi which led Rahman to exit from the stage & ask her, “Hindi?”.

AR Rahman

The Oscar winner then asked the host

“Didn’t I ask you already if you speak in Tamil or not?”

To which she replied that she only spoke in Hindi to welcome Ehan feel welcome at the event. However, towards the end of the video, Rahman showed that he was only joking and said:

“I was only joking.”

This incident was something that led the audience present there burst into laughter & everyone had a lighter moment.


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While sharing a clip from the event, Rahman wrote

“What a feeling ..it is… to share the joy of cinema with industry colleagues and superstar friends… thanks for coming joy, humour, respect pure love.”

Meanwhile, in a recent interaction with Indian Express, Rahman revealed how he got the inspiration of writing the story of 99 Songs. He stated

“When I went for Bombay Dreams to London, its musical producer asked me, ‘Rahman, do you have any story?’ Then I said, ‘I am just a composer, why should I write a story.’ Then I started thinking, stories, music and life all are connected. We see stories in music, people and experiences. After the Oscars, I became a member of the academy, and I attended many workshops related to cinema. My introduction to filmmakers like JJ Abrams and others, my journey with them, the whole process changed my thought process about cinema. Now I am looking at music from the perspectives of filmmakers and storytellers. Artistically, I am now going much deeper into things.”

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