6 Common Things About Yash Chopra Movies

Things About Yash Chopra Movies:

Every Film Maker has a definite style of film making. Yash Chopra dominated the film industry for a long period of time. Whether you like it or not, almost everyone has seen more than two Yash Chopra movies and it’s safe to say that even after two decades his movies are among the classics of Bollywood.
Yash Chopra knew how to bewitch his audiences. Some of the scenes in his movie are so magical that even today they are recreated in movies. In his five decades of his career, he became the “The King of Romance”.

1. One true love

Almost all of his movies have this recurring theme of one true love. In all oh his movies, he shows how magical it is to find one true love and how ignited it makes you feel.

 2. Love triangles

Another common thing in his movie is the presence of love triangles. It surely makes any love story ten times more interesting and worth watching. Chandni, Darr, Dill Toh Pagal Hai, Jab Tak Hai Jaan were all famous because of this.

 3. Heartbreaks

Heartbreaks are tough to watch. In his movies, he perfectly shows how brutal the whole situation can be.

 4. Lead Actresses are Devoted

You have to agree that the lead actresses in his movies are so pious that it will amaze you. In an interview, Yash Chopra said,

” I think women are more emotional than men, and that’s a thread I’ve explored in all my films. When I see TV these days, I’m shocked at how all the main women characters are portrayed as evil. Women are the foundation of everything, and they deserve to be treated that way on camera.”

 5. Scenic Beauty

All his movies are visually so attractive that it’’s hard to not avoid his movies. They give some serious traveling goals.

 6. Characters Having for Songs for Themselves

In most of his movies, if you have a keen eye, you will notice that most of his characters have a song dedicated to themselves for letting the audience know how they are.

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