These Actresses Left The Country/Industry Due To Terror Of Underworld Dons

It is well known that there was a time when there was a direct intervention of the underworld in the B-town. The underworld used to interfere in many matters related to making money in films and getting work done. There were many actresses who had left the industry for fear of the underworld and were leading anonymity. Many actresses ended their careers due to fear of don. Let us today tell you about such actresses who had said goodbye to the industry forever.

Sakshi Shivanand

Sakshi Shivanand was one of the most beautiful actresses in the 90s. It is believed that she left the film industry for fear of the underworld. She started her career with the 1994 film Birth Horoscope. Sakshi was doing a great job in the film industry, but suddenly her name was added to the underworld and she left the film industry overnight. In the name of the underworld, she was so terrified that she did not tell her whereabouts and changed her number.


It is said that the underworld was overshadowed by the beauty of Don Jasmine. Jasmine received daily calls from the underworld. Along with this, it is said that Jasmine was upset with the underworld to the extent that she left India forever and went anonymous. Even today there is no news of Jasmin. Some people say that she is living abroad by getting married while others believe that she is no longer in this world. She does not even have a social media account and that is why no one has any strong information about Jasmine.

Anita Ayub

Actresses Left
Actresses Who Left The Country

Dawood was very close to 90s Pakistani actress Anita Ayub. The rumor of the relationship between the two quickly spread in the film industry. There were reports that when producer Javed Siddiqui refused to take Anita in his film in 1995, Dawood’s gang killed him. At that time Dawood was very interested in the film industry. It is also heard that he used to invest in many films.


Mandakini, the heroine of ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’, was seen during the Indo-Pakistan cricket match in Dubai Sharjah in 1994-95 along with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Both photos and several stories also made headlines. But Mandakini always denied this. Mandakini’s career came to an end with the 1996 film Zordar. It is also said that due to Dawood, Mandakini was taken in many films.

Monica Bedi

Monica Bedi is better known for her controversial life than her career. Monica and underworld don Abu Salem’s affair were in full swing. It is said that Monica Bedi also used to threaten the directors from Abu Salem to get a role in the films. According to old reports, both of them fled the country due to fear of the police. Monica Bedi and Abu Salem ended their relationship after being caught.

Mamta Kulkarni

In her short career, Mamta Kulkarni became more talked about not for her acting but for playing bold characters in films. She was one of the superhit heroines in the 90s. It is said that Mamta Kulkarni used to get work in films only on the advice of Chhota Rajan, while it is said that Mamta and Chhota Rajan had an affair and both wanted to get married too.

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