The Lion King Leaked Online Just A Day Into Its Release

The Lion King, which arrived in silver screens on 19th July, has been already leaked online by many pirated websites including Tamilrockers and sources tell that a substantial amount of film’s business at the box office might be affected. Those movie freaks who would rather download the pirated version than buy tickets and watch the film in the theatres have luck on their side, at least a little bit.

The Lion King

As usual, the film has been leaked in 720p print and HD-Cam print that are of compromised quality and will not give that theatre experience. For the uninitiated, the Hindi-dubbed version of The Lion King is voiced by Shahrukh Khan (Mufasa) and his elder son Aryan Khan (Simba).

Below are some of the public tweets that came in reaction to this film leak:

  • Tejas Upadhyay @I_am_tejuu

“What a movie man…getting more than expectation…#TheLionKingWithKingKhan

Shahrukh khan 😍😍nailed at Mufasa.. because king voice suit only for king..Aryan khan nailed it just an incredible dabue with just voice.”


  • Sahil Naqvi @MohdSahilNaqvi1

“Shah Rukh Khan as Mufasa is the king of the film. That substantial baritone goes extremely well with the character, and he gives his Shah-touch to desify it beautifully. Aryan Khan lives up to the expectations of being Simba.”


  • Prateek Gupta @PrattG63

“The Lion King is a Wonderfully Crafted Film and I wasn’t ready for so many emotions! it is hands down forever one of my favorite disney movie ever Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner did the justice with Timon and Pumba #TheLionKing #TheLionKingWithKingKhan.”


  • Ms_Srkian @me_ms77 “

#TheLionKing movie was excellent Aryan voice how amazing film total entertaining and brand srk is awesome so my srkian friends must watch this movie this Weekend.” Keep watching this space for more updates on The Lion King.


This is not the first time that a film has been leaked online with this speed. Just a few days back, Super 30 that featured Hrithik met the same fate. And piracy is an issue of global concern. With Internet penetration increasing at an exponential rate across the globe and high speed connections easily available even for personal use and that too at affordable prices, there seems no end to the damage that piracy causes.

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