That Moment When Dad Chunky Panday Got Her Little Angel Ananya Panday Emotional

No matter who old is your daughter, she will always remain your little angel. One such adorable father-daughter Bollywood Jodi is Ananya Panday & her father, Chunky Panday. These days Ananya is readying herself for her upcoming release, ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh‘.

Despite being filled with utmost excitement & joy, Ananya recalls an incident that is etched in her heart forever & that she can never forget.

Chunky Panday Ananya Panday
Chunky Panday Ananya Panday

This SOTY2 actress shares a close bond with her father Chunky Panday. So, when the latter decided to pay a sudden visit on her shoot & see her perform in front of the camera for the 1st time, his face was lit up with both pride & unimaginable joy. As per Ananya it was one of the most emotional moments of her life & that feeling is engraved in her heart for perpetuity.

Talking about the same, Ananya shared,

“I have always said my dad has never come on set, he has never watched me shoot and a lot of people think that he used to come on set when I was shooting for SOTY 2 or I have been on a lot of his film sets which hasn’t been the case, but in ‘Dheeme Dheeme’.”

She had more to say,

“I was in the middle of taking one of my shots. I gave a lot of takes because I wanted to get it right, I wanted to get it perfect and on the mike, one of the assistants was like, Oh Ananya, we have a surprise for you’. So I wanted to obviously finish the shot early because I wanted to know what is the surprise? and I gave it my all and then I see my dad there clapping for me which was a really exciting and emotional moment for me because he has never come on set before. So,’ Dheeme Dheeme’ was the first time he has seen me actually do something in front of the camera. So it was a very fun and interesting and emotional moment for me and he was as or more excited than I was. Then, he stayed and watched the song and he was very very happy, very proud.”

Talking about ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’ opposite Kartik Aryan, it is set to release in December 2019.



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