Telugu Movies on Education

Telugu Movies on Education:

Telugu movies have always had a strong social message in many of its films making them an inspiration for all to follow. Whether its school or college, education has always had a deep impact on the sensibilities of the people. Telugu movies have been made around school and colleges making education more attractive.

Here is a list of Telugu movies on education:

  1. Happy days: A close depiction of college life and many students would relate to the story.
  1. Golconda High School: The importance of a well-balanced school life is portrayed in this movie. How parents should support the children and not push them to stress. Extra-curricular and sports hold as much importance as studies is the motive behind the movie.
Telugu Movies on Education
Telugu Movies on Education
  1. Sye: The concept of “Ma College”, “Ma Gang” and “Ma friends”, the movie had it all ego, love, friendship, fights and everything.


  1. Master: Chiranjeevi as the friendly teacher won many hearts. A movie many students would relate to.
  1. Kerintha: Based on the notion that friendship has no boundaries and once a friend, always a friend! The college and the campus life all packed beautifully in this movie.
Telugu Movies on Education
Telugu Movies on Education
  1. Love: People fall in and out of love; sometimes with the same person and sometimes with many other people too. How college friendship turns to love and how things change and how we get back to the person was the plot of the movie.
  1. Kotha bangaaru lokam: Student life is not only about studies but other things too. This movie carried a wonderful message throughout that overall development is important!
Telugu Movies on Education
Telugu Movies on Education
  1. Pilla zamindar: This movie showed many such things like importance of friendship over money, other luxuries using college life and students.


  1. Student: The movie is important as it reinforces the fact that apart from the fun and pranks, studying is all important in life.


  1. Shiva: How gangs are formed and how people take things to hands and how lives are affected by all of this was the crux of the movie.
  1. Kirrak Party: A campus romantic comedy which is cute and yet inspirational.
Telugu Movies on Education
Telugu Movies on EducationTelugu Movies on Education

These movies take you back down the memory lane to your school and college days.

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