The Teaser of Rahul Gandhi Biopic Titled ‘My Name is RaGa’ Released

Rahul Gandhi Biopic –

As we all know elections are just a few months far, politicians are owning the screens. First, it was the release of ‘Accidental Prime Minister’, that was based on Sanjaya Baru’s biography book about former Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, then a series of movies that featured Narendra Modi, including the announcement of Narendra Modi’s biopic directed by Omung Kumar.

Rahul Gandhi Biopic My Name is RaGa

According to the reports of Mumbai Mirror, a film is being made on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and will be titled as ‘My Name is RaGa’. The film is said to be near to the finishing bar and commences with the former PM, Indira Gandhi’s assassination in 1984 and will end its story before the upcoming election.

Rahul Gandhi Biopic My Name is RaGa

The journalist turned director Rupesh Paul did the direction and also scripted the film on the basis of his close encounters with Rahul. He says,

“My film starts with Rahul Gandhi’s childhood and continues to the present when he is mired in political controversies. It’s about his life as a student in the US to become the president of the Indian National Congress.”

Rahul Gandhi Biopic My Name is RaGa

Rupesh also told the media persons that he did not try to get in touch with any politician or anyone from the Gandhi family, for any permissions as according to him “all the information is in the public domain”.

He says,

“There is no need to get any clearance. If we keep the names aside, it’s a story of every man who has gone through multiple and repeated failures before tasting success. I was deeply inspired by his fight which I saw closely as a journalist.”

Rahul Gandhi Biopic My Name is RaGa

In this film, the role of Rahul Gandhi is played by Aswini Kumar and Narendra Modi’s role will be portrayed by Himant Kapadiya. Though the director of the film, Rupesh wanted to take bigger names on board but he says according to him everyone is wary of the present political scenario.

“I wanted to get bigger names on board but in the current political scenario, everyone is wary. I am still trying to get a significant actor on board for the remaining portions.”

Rahul Gandhi Biopic My Name is RaGa

When asked regarding the censor trouble, he asserted,

“I don’t think there will be an issue because the intention isn’t to malign anyone.”

Rahul Gandhi Biopic My Name is RaGa

As we saw Anupam Kher as Manmohan Singh in the recent film, ‘Accidental Prime Minister’, his brother will be seen playing the former Indian PM in this film. Rupesh told the media,

“After rejections from many actors (whom he doesn’t wish to name), I was surprised Raju sir agreed to play Manmohan Singh. He has given a different arc to it”.

Rahul Gandhi Biopic My Name is RaGa

When asked about what did he think of The Accidental Prime Minister, he replied,

“I accepted the film but not its tone. The director should have done justice to the film by staying true to real-life incidents. But it has opened a new genre in Bollywood, giving us the courage to make political films.”

Here’s the recently released teaser of the movie:

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