Tanushree Datta Claims India Is Facing A Rape Epidemic

Tanushree Datta, who laid the ground for MeToo Movement in India, recently commented that India is facing a ‘rape epidemic’. In one of her latest public talks, she revealed the state of affairs when it comes to the treatment of women in the country and concluded that things have gone from bad to worse.

Tanushree Datta
Tanushree Datta

Talking to IANS she said,

“Our great nation India has been slowly and steadily turning into a Rape epidemic afflicted country! The Unnao rape case and the unfoldment of it a horrific reminder of the state of affairs.”

She put up the ‘sanskari culture’ of nation for questioning, in the presence of which a plethora of problems which affect women, continue to happen on a daily basis. These were here exact words,

“A large portion of news coming out of India is about women and children getting raped, gang-raped, killed by mass female infanticide, burnt for dowry or killed after rape in a brutal gory fashion, or lately goats and dogs getting raped even etc etc.. Like seriously who in their right mind still feels high and mighty about our so-called “sanskaari” culture blah blah blah.. that we tell ourselves to judge the rest of the world that wears shorts and bikinis? There are places in the world where women literally lie down nude on beaches and no rapes or eve-teasing even happens. How are you the “sanskaari” lot then may I ask where women, regardless of whether fully covered or not are attacked rampantly?”

She had more to share,

“The problem then is not the cover but your mentality. Open your eyes and understand the darkness that is drowning this Nation It’s ironic that for a population that by and large has got its nose pretty high up in the air about it’s so-called value system; Rapes are an epidemic across urban as well as rural India. Time to perhaps reassess your values? Or maybe tweak them a bit to accommodate compassion?”

She suggested a solution out of this epidemic. As per her words, we need to lay stress on the need to pay attention to inner transformation, and changing of mentalities. She concluded her public talk with words,

“Rape, depression, drugs and suicide are killing the youth!! Why this rampant decline in human happiness quotient? Have we placed moral, religious and societal values above human values? Then this is the logical end result. Anarchy, pain, suffering and horror! Turn back now people into a state of innocence that you were like as children or a time will come when this darkness will consume everybody in one way or another. There is a need to renew the mind and thought-process of 1.6 billion people. Internal transformation is urgently needed.”

Tanushree Datta
Tanushree Datta

Tanushree himself has been a victim of sexual harassment. Just last year she accused her co-star Nana Patekar of having sexually harassing her on the sets of Horn Ok Please. Following which a lot of women came forward with their stories of abuse and sexual harassment, which in-turn kick-started the MeToo Movement in the country.


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