When It Comes To The Talk Of Getting Married And Having Kids, Akshay Khanna Prefers A Life On Own Terms

Talking about Section 375 star: Akshay Khanna. He is one of those actors who like to work at their own pace and live life on their own terms. Same is the answer when the talk comes of getting married. Akshay likes it alone. Akshay feels marriage is a huge commitment and involves a drastic change of lifestyle something that he is not ready for. Read below for more details.

In an interview given to Hindustan Times, when Akshay Khanna was asked about him getting married in the near future. His answer was,

“I don’t see myself (getting married), I’m not marriage material, as they say. I’m not cut out for that kind of… (we ask if it’s commitment)… not that, but that kind of life. It’s a commitment, but a drastic lifestyle change. Marriage changes everything. I want full control over my life. When you share your life with somebody else, you can’t have full control. You have to give a lot of control away. You share each other’s lives.”

When he was asked that it was because of his reserved personality that he doesn’t find himself in the bachelor market. He answered,

“It’s not got anything to do with any particular aspect of one’s life. I’m just like that. It’s not one part of someone’s life that keeps them a little more private. That’s the way I’ve always been, even as a child! There’s no one particular thing holding me back. It’s a very natural question to ask I’d imagine.”

Does Akshay have any plans to adopt a child in the near future?

“I’m not cut out for that life; for sharing my life. Whether it’s getting married, or having kids. That too drastically changes your life. Everything important to you becomes less important, because the child gains utmost importance. That kind of changes life… and those kind of alterations that you have to make in your life are not the things I want to do. I’m not willing to give up. I don’t think even in future I will be willing to do (that).”

 Akshay Khanna A Life On Own Terms
Akshay Khanna A Life On Own Terms

Talking about Section 375, it has earned very good reviews from critics, who are hailing it as a much-needed film that addresses a critical issue.


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