Taimur Never Enjoyed Being Photographed: Saif Ali Khan on No Filter Neha

Said Ali Khan appeared on Neha Dhupia’s podcast and expressed his views on various things. He even talked about Taimur and why he doesn’t like media attention. He told how the couple handles the media pressure their son gets and how is it harming the overall-growth of their son.

In the recent podcast, Said told, “Ya, I think he’s realized that there will be cameras in certain places. He has never enjoyed being photographed particularly, even by us at home. But he understands, I mean, he smiles and waves and he likes camera flashes but it’s just something he’s always seen so he doesn’t think about it.”

Taimur Saif Ali Khan Neha
Taimur Saif Ali Khan Neha

Said added, “I mean, it makes me a little tense, he gets that vibe and then when they would chase him to school, you worry, I mean, there’s too much attention sometimes. It’s sad, you know, people don’t let you be like a normal kid in Bombay. This star kid is a tag that just falls on you, whether you like it or not, and in fact, the answer is you don’t want it but what can you do. So, they are serving a purpose, someone says don’t stop them, they’re doing their job, they are also getting paid, you know it’s a lockdown situation so in India, there’s that complicated thing and an American would be like – hey, can you please not stalk my house.

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Taimur Saif Ali Khan Neha

He went on to say, “But here I’m like I understand you’re getting paid and I don’t want to stop you getting rozi-roti. So, it’s like that, you don’t know how to react. I think when you resist it, it becomes a situation, when you hide from them, or run around with your hat pulled low, but if you just give them that picture, just give a smile and just move on. So, the important thing is to tell Taimur – you must be polite and it’s no big deal and I think he’s learned that”

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