Taimur Ali Khan Makes a Sudden Jump in Saif Ali Khan’s Interview

Have a look at Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Hulk’ aka Taimur Ali Khan, who gave a sudden appearance in the middle of Saif Ali Khan‘s interview.

‘Where are you’ this was Taimur Ali Khan’s question to the interviewer while he was sitting on dad Saif Ali Khan’s lap.

It all happened when Saif Ali Khan was giving an interview, talking about his time during home quarantine, which is when all of a sudden his youngest son Taimur Ali Khan appeared in the middle of the interview. More so, this Tim removed his mask on the camera, giving the viewers sheer delight.

‘Hulk’: Taimur Ali Khan Makes A Sudden Jump In Dad: Saif Ali Khan’s Interview

Taimur was seen not only wearing the ‘Hulk’ mask but also gloves. On the interviewer’s request, Saif Ali Khan presented Taimur Ali Khan to the screen. But soon, a confused Taimur, sitting on Saif’s lap, asked the interviewer ‘Where are you?’ in the cutest manner.

To which the interviewer replied, ‘In the studio, Taimur.’ The interviewer then continued his interview by asking Saif some more questions about Taimur, including if Taimur misses the paps, to which Saif replied in a no.

Have a look at the video:

‘Hulk’: Taimur Ali Khan Makes A Sudden Jump In Dad: Saif Ali Khan’s Interview

Talking more about Taimur. He was last seen playing Holi with Parents: Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Sometime back his Mother: Kareena shared an image of the father and son duo planting in the balcony in the times of self-isolation. Saif, popular for being shy from social media, gave his first interview during this time.

‘Hulk’: Taimur Ali Khan Makes A Sudden Jump In Dad: Saif Ali Khan’s Interview

On the other hand, Kareena’s post where she gave her fanbase an insight into how she is spending time in isolation with Saif and Taimur has gone viral on social media. In this pic, Saif and Taimur were seen wearing a bathrobe. Whilst Saif wore a white bathrobe, Taimur was seen in a golden one, jumping behind Saif’s back.


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