Taapsee Pannu Has Her Own Way of Dealing With Molesters Both In Real And Reel Life

When it comes to dealing with molesters whether it is ‘Thappad’ or the real life. Bollywood Strong Woman: Taapsee Pannu deals with them in an equally painful way.

It was the event of  ‘Thappad’ trailer launch, when Taapsee Pannu informed Kareena Kapoor Khan about her #MeToo incident when she had to deal with a molester.

Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu these days is a regular when it comes to news. All thanks to the release of ‘Thappad’s trailer. This Bollywood actress is not the person (whether it is real or reel life) to back down whilst facing a molester. She didn’t resort to the use of the power of ‘Thappad’ on this molester but did something equally powerful and painful for the attacker.

Taapsee Pannu was speaking about the incident on Kareena Kapoor Khan‘s radio show ‘What Women Want 2’. There she shared one of her experiences with molestation in a crowded place.

“We used to go to the Gurudwara [Sikh temple] during Gurpurab [the birth anniversary of the first Sikh guru] and I remember there used to be stalls next to it that served food to people outside. The place used to be crowded in such a way that people would always end up bumping into each other. I had awkward experiences before this incident as well. But this time, I had an intuition that something like this would happen as I am going into the crowd.”

Taapsee was so furious by the behavior of this molester that she twisted his finger.

“I was mentally prepared for it until I felt a man trying to touch my backside. That’s when I realised that this has happened again.”

Taapsee added,

“This was followed by an instant reaction. I grabbed his finger twisted it and moved fast from that area.”

Talking about her Taapsee’s other future projects. Apart from ‘Thappad’, helmed by Anubhav Sinha, Taapsee will also play the role of cricketer Mithila Raj in the movie ‘Shabaash Mithu’.


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