Taapsee Pannu Backed By The ‘Movie Mafia’? Find Out The Truth

There’s been a lot is being said about Taapsee Pannu since past few weeks by actress Kangana Ranaut. She has called her a ‘B-grade actress’ and even a ‘chaploos’. Kangana said that Taapsee owes her career to the movie mafia & nepotism gang in the Hindi film industry. The question is that is there substance in the accusations made against Taapsee? Let’s find it out.

Does Taapsee Hang Out With The Movie Mafia?

To the above stated question Tapsee said that she has never been called on Koffee With Karan and she futher added that she hasn’t even ever been called for a coffee, like to the so-called parties and get-togethers. She said that she is not a member of that and has been accused of being part of their clan.

Are Taapsee’s Films Made By Movie Mafia?

As per India Today Taapsee replied to the above question as understated:

You take a look at my filmography and see in which movie of mine the so-called movie mafia has invested even Rs 1. Even my next five movies which have been announced, no one from the so-called movie mafia is involved, as a director, producer or anything. So on what basis are you saying that what I’ve achieved so far is because of them, or that I take their side because what will I stand to get out of it? Whatever I’ve received till now is not with their help, and even my next five films are not because of them. So what will I gain from this?

Did Taapsee Say She Loves Karan Johar?

To this Pannu said that she has never mentioned that she likes Karan Johar but has never hated them either. So, she said that the fact that you don’t hate someone she (Kangana) hates, is equivalent to ‘you like that person & you suck up to that person’? Taapsee also that that she doen’t know him beyond formal ‘hi, hello, thank you’.

So clearly, Taapsee Pannua happens to be an outsider in the Hindi film industry, who has reached to this level because of her hard work. She owns her failures as much as she does her successes. Pannu has walked this path with dignity, awareness, fortitude & humanity.

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