Taapsee Pannu Sees Similarities Between Her Real Life Mother & Thappad Mother-In-Law

Thappad female lead Taapsee Pannu sees a striking similarity between her real life mother and on-screen mother-in-law.

“All the time. Everywhere. (Getting to see the sacrifice of a woman being normalised),” these were Taapsee Pannu’s take on Thappad.

Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu is currently preparing herself for the release of her upcoming movie Thappad in which she plays the role of a wife who wants to divorce her husband on the grounds of domestic violence. In a recent media interaction with Barkha Dutt, Taapsee gave us an insight into the film and also revealed that how it made her realise that her mom – a housewife – does for the family.

Taapsee Pannu Sees Similarities Between Her Real Life Mother & Thappad Mother-In-Law

These were her words,

“All the time. Everywhere. (Getting to see the sacrifice of woman being normalised). I will rarely have examples for those who will not do this or see that they have an equal (right in marriage). There is a beautiful line that I came across recently ‘Shadi me hum ek to ho jate hain, barabar nahi hote hain (We become one in marriage, not equals)’. I think I see it everywhere. In my own house, between my mother and father. My mother always makes sure dad is happy, he eats first. Everything is first about him, which I have grown up and felt this is normal. This is how it is supposed to happen.”

Taapsee didn’t stop at that and shared,

“Fortunately or unfortunately, I never had a brother so I never witnessed any difference of the male-female gender. You see it everywhere around. All my friends are married, I see the same thing happening there. The mother-in-law’s character (in Thappad) is very similar to my mother. She might not be as bitter, yet, but it’s the same. Yes, she (Taapsee’s mother) is (bitter). She does feel she needs more attention because she dedicated her entire life for three of us -me, my sister and my father – and all of us are way too busy in our lives to give her any time and attention. She does complain at times. I do my best to give her time, as much as I can. But I didn’t hear her. I feel I can get her better every year. The older I am getting to feel her better, that yes, she deserves more attention for what all she has done. When I started working is when I realised the importance of what she was doing, until then we were in a protected environment and were living in a given set of rules. Only when I started working I realised how important the kind of work my mother is doing at home, is and how important it is to have her even if it is behind the scene kind of work. Not really the front-runner of the house but it is so important, the backbone of the house. When I started working, I began understanding all of this. It is more of a story of transforming from a girl to a woman.”

When Taapsee was asked whether she had any reservations about any backlash online regarding her films or lending her support during the anti-CAA protests, Taapsee joked, “If I say the weather is nice, I will get backlash. A woman on Twitter, let’s just accept it and then work around it. You can’t sell your spine and eat it too.”


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