Sushant’s Nephew’s Reaction After Hearing of His Mamu’s Death

When Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister disclosed to her son that his ‘Mamu Is No More’, this kid gave a reply that will win your heart.

Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Shweta Singh Tiwari, who is based in the United States, shared about how when she broke the news to her son and his wise-beyond-his-years response. Sushant’s 5-year-old nephew told his mother that his uncle is alive in his heart. Shweta shared that if a boy of this age can give a response like that, then we as adults can do better. Shweta requested everyone to not do anything that can hurt Sushant’s soul.

Sushant’s Nephew's Reaction
Sushant’s Nephew’s Reaction

Shweta wrote in her Facebook post,

“When I told Nirvanh the news that Mamu is no more, he said ‘But he is alive in your heart’ 3 times. When a 5 yr old can say something like that… think how strong we should all be…. Stay Strong everyone…. especially the fans of Sushant… please understand he lives in our hearts and he will always keep doing so….Please don’t do anything that can hurt his soul….Stay Strong!”

Sushant’s Nephew's Reaction
Sushant’s Nephew’s Reaction

Sushant died on June 14 after committing suicide. He was found hanging in his Mumbai home. The news of his unexpected demise came as a rude shock to all his fans, colleagues, and of course, his family.

Meanwhile, the speculation around his death has taken an ugly turn with mud-slinging and blame games going on, all through social media. Despite the fact that Sushant left without a note, many netizens are blaming the ‘Bollywood elite club’ for his death. Some have even accused Karan Johar & Alia Bhatt of being responsible for Sushant’s death.

Bollywood Actress Swara Bhaskar has called this the height of ‘idiocy and hypocrisy’.

Moreover, a more serious discussion around the issue of nepotism in Bollywood has been reignited, with many within the industry suggesting that the industry transforms the way it functions.


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