Sushant’s Ex-Girlfriend Ankita Lokhande Shares Old Video Of Him While Paragliding, Says ‘Keep Flying’

Ankita Lokhande has re-posted an old video in which Sushant Singh Rajput is seen enjoying paragliding. This video was shared by both the common friends of Natasha Sharma Reddy on Instagram.

While sharing this video, Ankita thanked Natasha & wrote, Sushant, you will always be missed by everyone and by your fans. #keepflying. Ankita told that this video is from the time she went on vacation with Sushant.

Praised the poem written on Sushant

Ankita also praised Natasha’s poem which she had written & posted especially for Sushant.

Natasha wrote:


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How beautifully expressed and written nats ❤️❤️ adi thanku so much for the memories ❤️ #Sushant u will be missed by all of us and all of ur fans 🖐 #keepflying #Repost @natasha_sharma_redij with @make_repost ・・・ काश तूने ये उड़ान भरी ही ना होती यार मेरे ,यां फ़िर काश तू जुड़ा रहता उन सब से जो तुझे तेरी जड़ों से जोड़े रखते थे. यूं तो शायद इतना तुझे याद ना करते हम यार , क्यूंकि तू मसरूफ था, खुश दिखता था खुद की चुनी हुई नयी दिलचस्प गलियों मे, हम भी तेरे यार खुश थे तुझे ऊंचा उड़ता देख कर. इस तरह तुझे खो देने का इल्म होता अगर, तो तुझे ये उड़ान भरने ही ना देते हम यार.क्यूंकि जब तू यहाँ ज़मीन पर था हम यारों के साथ, हस्ते थे हम, गाते भी थे, किस्से एक दूसरे को सुनाते भी थे. क्या हुआ जो ये हस्ता हुआ सपनो को यूं जीता हुआ यार मेरा फ़िर कभी ना हसेगा, ना रोयेगा फ़िर कभी ना जिएगा बस सोयेगा. उसकी इस नींद को सुकून दे या रब #truthshallprevail #justiceforsushantsinghrajput #memories #sushant #Helovedadventures #Manwithavision #manwithdreams This video was recorded by @adittyaredij On one of our vacation together @lokhandeankita your voice pierced through my heart 💔

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Rhea’s claims were rejected

Earlier, Ankita had shared a video in which she denied Rhea Chakraborty’s claims that Sushant had ‘claustrophobia’ and was afraid of sitting in a flight. After which Ankita shared a 1 minute 56 second video in which Sushant is seen flying on the pilot seat in the cockpit of the plane. With this, Ankita wrote, ‘Is this #Clastrophobia? You always wanted to fly and you did it and we are all proud of you. ‘

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