Sushant Singh Rajput Case: Lawyer Vikas Singh Clarifies Various Allegation on Family

Ever since Rhea Chakraborty gave her statement on the Sushant Singh Death case, social media is flooded with various sorts of allegations on Sushant’s family. Lawyer Vikas Singh held a press conference on Wednesday to provide some clarity on the case. 

After Rhea Charobarty’s allegations and claims on Sushant Singh’s family, Lawyer Vikas Singh held a press conference and clarified the medicines that Sushant’s sister Priyanka Tanwar arranged for her brother on June 8. 

In the conference, he said, 

 “On 8 June, Rhea left Sushant’s house and he was feeling very anxious. In these circumstances, Priyanka, who herself takes medicines for anxiety, suggested the same to her brother. She also arranged for a prescription through online consultation. Certain media channels claiming that Sushant’s family was aware of his depression is an attempt to malign them”.  

Vikas Singh Further said that the family is upset by all the negativity and false accusation stating the family knew about his Sushant’s depression and was trying to conceal it. 

On behalf of Sushant’s family, Vikas Singh also stated, “Whatever treatment Rhea was getting done for Sushant, she would never share the files with his family. Yes, the prescriptions were sent to them but they never mentioned what the ailment was”, 

He even said that Sushant’s mental health started deteriorating after Rhea came into his life. 

“Sushant Singh Rajput’s mental health was fine till 2019. There could have been some stray incidents before. After he entered into a relationship with Rhea Chakraborty his health deteriorated. He was very anxious all the time”

He further added that Sushant had no life insurance policy and the news channels, who are stating that the family won’t get any money from the policy if Sushant died by suicide, are baseless. 

The lawyer even told the media that the statements of Sushant’s family recorded by Mumbai Police were in Marathi and they could not understand was written so, they were “forced” to sign it.

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