When Sushant Singh Rajput Blessed a Baby With His Poem 

Babies are the God’s cutest creation. You got to love them, whenever y ou see them. Sushant Singh Rajput was not an exception to this human behavior. Sometime back in the first quarter of Year 2019 when Sushant was in NYC (New York City) he took a baby in his hands and composed a poem for him on the spot with an intention to bless that newly arrived form of life in this world.

A month has passed since actor Sushant Singh Rajput left for his heavenly abode and his fans have not come out of this shock yet! If you happen to be one of those who’re regular on social media, you will for sure find some clips or pics of Sushant doing the rounds on the internet. Whilst missing Sushant, we stumbled upon an official Instagram page of his and found a post, that dates back to March 27, 2019.

Sushant’s Pics From His Insta Gallery

Sushant Singh Rajput Baby
Sushant Singh Rajput Baby

In this pic that we are talking about, Sushant can be seen holding a baby in his arms and posing cutely with him. Sushant captioned the picture with words that read,

“तेरी हर एक मासूम हँसी पे यूं ही मैं अक्सर जी लेता हूँ। खुद के लिए कुछ जो बचा रखी थी कभी वो सारी दुआएँ देता हूँ । #selfmusing 💫❤🖊🔥

How Cute Is This Pic!

This picture of Sushant posing with a cute baby is taken in New York City, USA. One just can’t stop looking at Sushant’s innocent smile in this pic. Having a detailed look at the pic, one can for sure assume that Sushant bonded really well with the kids.

Sushant Was Indeed A Kind Soul

Sushant Singh Rajput Baby
Sushant Singh Rajput Baby

This pic rekindles our memories of Sushant bonding with poor kids on the streets of Mumbai. There are many videos of Sushant available on social media that captured his humble side i.e., shaking hands with poor kids or buying them a thing or two to see them happy or feeding them at times.

Sushant’s last Bollywood flick: Dil Bechara will be streamed tomorrow on Disney+ Hotstar.


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