Surveen Chawla Shares With Us Her Fight With Postpartum Depression & Post Pregnancy Weight Loss 

Actress Surveen Chwala became a mother in April this year with the birth of her daughter: Eva. Just 6 months post-delivery, Surveen has been successful in shedding the post-pregnancy kilos. And lately she has got her glow back and has been soaking in the feeling of being a new mum. All this is very evident in her social media posts where she constantly gives everyone a glimpse into her life. This Parched actress has never looked better or happier for that matter. In a F2F with Mid-Day, Surveen opened up about her weight loss journey & how she managed to keep depression at bay.

She practiced Yoga & took to cardiovascular activity while sometimes doing both on the same day. She consumed only home-cooked food and kept her food cravings in check. She made it a point to eat small portions every 2 hours & including vegetables, eggs, & nachni rotis in her diet. Surveen confessed that she gained 18 kilos & now 6 months post-delivery, has only five more to lose.

Surveen Chawla Shares With Us Her Fight With Postpartum Depression & Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

This new mother successfully evaded postpartum depression by consciously working towards staying centered & opening up about her feelings with Hubby: Akshay Thakker. She explained her working process in detail,

“Since I am expressive, I could vent. I am not diplomatic and am also lucky to be blessed with a partner who shares everything with me. One shouldn’t have to repress themselves. (Depression) starts from a single instance, but becomes a larger problem. Throughout my pregnancy, I kept myself in an emotionally-sound place. I had knowledge about what was going on with me, and the baby. There were days when my emotions were all over the place. But, I did my best to stay centered, and share [my feelings] with my partner. I reminded myself every day that I was doing the best I could.” (sic)


Talking about work, Surveen has done work in both Punjabi and Bollywood films. But the former brought her more success and recognition.


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