Surveen Chawla Recollects Those Moments When She Faced Casting Couch In The Industry

Very recently, Surveen Chawla sat for a F2F with Pinkvilla, where she talked about her initial days of struggle in the industry. She also opened up about her career, trolls and recalled those horrific casting couch incidents.

Here’s an introduction into Casting Couch

Casting Couch is a global disease, not just limited to the film industry. It existed much before it came into the common man’s knowledge. Those who practice this ill-minded exercise gave the logic that this is a give and take the deal. In other words, I can fulfill your wish, if you fulfill mine. And the fairer sex has been on its receiving end since its inception.

Coming back to Surveen’s interview, a well-known TV celebrity. She had her own share of roadblocks during her acting career in films. She revealed that she was criticized for being overexposed and overweight.

“I went to give this audition and the person told me, ‘You are overweight’. I was just 56 kilos and I thought the person needed to get his eyes checked.”

She shared some of those incidents.

“A director wanted to see how my cleavage looked. Another director wanted to see how my thighs looked.”

Here’s One From The South

“I was asked to accompany a director for a recce and he said to me, ‘Ma’am, I want to know every inch of your body.’ I could not believe my ears as to what I am hearing.”

There Was A Filmmaker Who Claimed She Was ‘Over-Exposed’ Because Of Her Years Of Stint On Television.

“For sometime, I tried to hide it from producers and tell them I did TV only for a year but I realised later that ‘Why am I doing this?’ Isn’t it going to be easier for a team to get someone who already knows how to do their lines?”

Surveen Chawla Casting Couch The Industry
Surveen Chawla Casting Couch The Industry

Talking about Surveen’s latest TV project, she was last seen in Sacred Games alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Jojo Mascarenas throughout the 2 seasons of the Netflix Original series.


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