6 Supporting Actors Who Deserve a Stand-Alone Movie of Their Own 

Which other supporting actors you like?

Supporting Actors Deserve Stand-Alone Movie: 

The main characters of the film are the highlight but sometimes supporting actors steal the show. If you have seen the below-listed movies, then you’d agree that these supporting are so phenomenal that it’s almost impossible for us to imagine the movie without them. Yes, they are better than the protagonist and they deserve nothing but love and appreciation. Let’s dive right in. 

 1. Pritam Vidrohi

Rajkumar Rao as Pritam Vidrohi in Bareilly Ki Barfi was a pure delight to watch on screen. We are not even exaggerating when we say that his presence made the movie 10 times better. His character redefined heroism, and we are in love with how well Rajkumar portrayed the character. 

 2. Pappi

Deepak Dobriyal as Pappi in Tanu Weds Manu is probably the most loyal friend you will ever come across. You smile, he smiles, you cry he cries. Yeah, that’s how it is. He deserves more screen time and more gazab dialogues “Dilli ka aadha pollution toh aashiqon ke wajah se hai.”

 3. Poo

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham was Kareena Kapoor’s forth film. It goes without saying that she was exceptional as Poo. Her character is even today remembered and imitated by all. She as Poo was jaw-dropping gorgeous and eloquent. “Agar Bhaagwaan ko dekhne ke wajai sab mujhe ghur ke dekh rahe the, toh it’s not my problem. “ 

 4. Chand Nawab

You have to agree that Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Chand Nawab in Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the highlight of the film. His character was so convincing that by the end of the film you will find yourself saying “Tumse koi puchega toh tum toh bta doge ki tumhara naam Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi hai delhi se aaye ho, permission leke aaye ho, taaro ke niche se aaye hai. Hai na Munni?”

 5. Dr. Jehangir Khan

SRK’s words “Khul ke ro nahi sakoge, toh khulke hass kaise paogey?” is a statement to live by. He is the therapist you are looking for! If you ever feel lost in life then just watch this movie and fall in love with your life all over again. He will make your problems look so easy, and you will find yourself mumming the beautiful songs of this film. 

 6. Narottam Mishra

Supporting Actors Deserve Stand-Alone Movie
Supporting Actors Deserve Stand-Alone Movie

Pankaj Tripathi’s portrayal of Narottam Mishra in Bareilly ki Barfi will make you laugh your heart out. It goes without saying that he is a brilliant actor, and whatever he does will be super entertaining. 

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