Read How Sunny Leone Sharing Her Number In Arjun Patiala, Created Hell For A Delhite

An unexpected and unbearable situation has been created by the recent flick Arjun Patiala in the life of a Delhi man. A Delhite: Puneeth Agarwal is being harassed on a daily basis by callers willing to speak to Sunny Leone. Read below for detailed happenings.

Sunny Leone Arjun Patiala
Sunny Leone Arjun Patiala

It all began when in the recently released: Diljit Dosanjh and Kriti Sanon starrer, Arjun Patiala. There comes a scene where Sunny Leone does a cameo, and gives her phone number to Diljit, after featuring in an ‘item song’. After a lot of viewers watching the movie, many of them have assumed that it is her real number and are calling it repeatedly, in order to talk to her.

But unfortunately this phone number actually belongs to Puneeth Agarwal who lives in Delhi’s Pitampura!

Puneet is receiving 100s of calls daily, by men saying lewd things, some of them are harassing him, and others simply want to speak to Sunny Leone.

A HT report, quoted Puneet as saying,

“On July 26, after the release of the movie, I started receiving calls from unknown people asking me to let them talk to Sunny Leone. Initially, I thought somebody is playing a prank on me, but after a while, I got to know that the makers of the movie have actually used my number and Sunny Leone in the movie dictates my number.”

He further added,

“I am being harassed by many callers, people are abusing me and asking me to do some shameful favours. I have filed a police complaint yesterday but till now the police has not taken any action even after giving me assurance.”

Puneeth is now considering legal action against the filmmakers.

In normal situations, when filmmakers use a phone number on screen, they make it a point  that the number is either not in use, or it is a number that leads to promotional advertisements.

But this time this precaution was missed and costed Puneeth Agarwal his peace of mind.


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