Sunny Leone Reveals That She Has THIS Kind Of Anxiety!

Sunny Leone keeps herself busy by working back-to-back & also makes sure that she fulfills mommy duties. Sunny will next be seen in a web series titled ‘Anamika’ by Vikram Bhatt. She has been sharing several BTS moments on her Insta handle in which she is seen performing action-packed stunts & more. Now, during a recent interaction, She was asked about how she balances between her personal & professional lives.

Sunny stated to ETimes:

“I am having three children and working. The work schedules not easy at all, as they are getting older, it becomes even more difficult to leave because I think they’re fine, but I think I have more separation anxiety and I miss them more, maybe than me because they’re so busy playing and having fun and usually if I am not home then.”

Talking about her husband Daniel Weber, she further shared:

“Daniel makes a point to try and be as home as much as possible. Luckily for us, our offices across the street so he’s able to come back and forth, and letting go, is very very difficult, because, because of the pandemic. We have become so attached to our children and our children have become so attached to us.”

The Ragini MMS 2 actor concluded by stating

“So that’s been, it’s been difficult but we kind of have the schedule, pretty good right now where I either spend time with them in the mornings or the evenings, but they definitely get their mommy time and I get my children time.”

When she was asked how she manages work & motherhood at the same time, she said:

“Well, it’s a challenge! It takes a lot of time management. Now when I am at work, I miss them. I tell them that there’s a certain time that I need to be out for work so that I am back at home for dinner with them. I feel the pandemic has created a lot of anxiety, especially separation anxiety among family members. I have just as much separation anxiety as my children do. But they are still so young, and you can distract them easily.”

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