Sunny Leone Gives a Savage Reply to The Hater Who Targeted Her Family

Sunny Leone gave a strong and instant response when she was posed with a question that threw an unprovoked jibe at her children during an interview.

It is a common understanding now that internet is sometimes dark and filled with terror. As anybody with internet access can take a comfortable seat behind the screen and say whatever one wishes with no fear of being held accountable for both their words and deeds. In a recent one, Sunny Leone was on a visit to Arbaaz Khan on his chat show named: Pinch. There she was posed with a question that interpreted an uninvited and unprovoked jibe at former’s kids, by saying,

“Family business probably is the last thing Sunny Leone will ever suggest her children as a career option.”

As the jibe was unfairly targeting her kids, this mother of three’s motherly instinct quickly took the troller to task and slapped him back in a hard and teaching way and also conveyed the message to common public, that a mother is not the one to be messed up with when it comes to her kids, no matter whether the former’s position is an advantaged one or disadvantaged one.

Sunny Leone

Sunny’s exact words in her response were,

“Yeah, probably. Why would I do that? But if they want to join the Indian film industry, I think that would be a great thing. Or if my daughter wanted to continue and run a cosmetic line that I just launched, I think that’s a great family business. Or the perfume line that I launched in the last two years. That would be a great family business that she would want to take over.”

She added,

“I think my goal in life is to just raise a good human being, someone that’s kind and generous to people. Regardless of whether they work in entertainment…I doubt they would work in adult… Whether they want to be a janitor, lawyer, doctor, astronaut, President of the United States or they feel like working in the arts, it’s their choice,”

On the professional front, both Sunny and Arbaaz last appeared in Tera Intezaar that came back in 2017. And her upcoming project will be Diljit Dosanjh and Kriti Sanon’s Arjun Patiala, where she will make a cameo appearance. The film is set to release on July 19, 2019.


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