After A Year Long Battle, Is Sunil Grover Finally Returning to The Kapil Sharma Show?

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma washed their dirty linen in public after their infamous mid-air spat last year and none of us are unaware of that. Both have had their share of arguments on social media for all of us to see and it was ugly, to say the least. The long-year battle and cold vibes did not only affect the two of them, especially Kapil, as he had lost his audience to a fair amount and had to shut his show off, but also to the fans who were yearning to see the duo together on screen to make everyone laugh.

The Kapil Sharma Show Sunil Grover

In this year, Kapil got married to Ginni Chatrath, brought a revamped The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2, Sunil Grover did Vishal Bhardwaj’s Patakha, is shooting for Bharat and also got his own show on Star Plus, Kanpur Wale Khuranas which now is ending soon after just 16 episodes. But the reason isn’t bad TRPs or anything of this sort, it is because Sunil had committed for only 8 weeks.

The Kapil Sharma Show Sunil Grover

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Sunil shared the real reason and said,

“It is because of me. I had signed the show for 8 weeks ONLY because my dates were locked for Bharat (Salman Khan’s film), the movie. I had made this clear even during the press conference and interviews that I could only accommodate this much time. I am kickstarting the last leg of shoot for Bharat from today, and I just want to thank the team who made this show happen including the channel and the guests who accommodated dates because of my schedule.”

The Kapil Sharma Show Sunil Grover

Now that his show is off-air, reports are surfacing that he might end his on-going war with Kapil and might join his show post Bharat shooting. Kapil has always maintained that the show will always be waiting for Sunil to return and the doors are open for his Sunil paaji. Kapil and Sunil seem to have been working on their relationship. Kapil on January 13, 2019, posted a birthday wish for his mother. Here’s what he tweeted:

The Kapil Sharma Show Sunil Grover

‘’Wish u a very happy birthday maa. Thank u for bringing me in this beautiful world. This world is beautiful jus bcoz of u. May u keep laughing always. I will try my best to make u happy always. Love u.’’

The tweet created further buzz as Sunil in the post also wished Kapil’s mom and wrote,

‘’Happy birthday Aunty. Regards.’’

The Kapil Sharma Show Sunil Grover

Sunil’s this gesture has got people thinking and appreciating him for ending the fight. In fact, Kapil also gave a personal invitation to Sunil for his wedding which due to some work commitments, he could not attend. But he later congratulated the couple. Now, this looks like the bridges are mending and the two biggest comedians of the country will be seen together. This reunion will make their fans extremely happy as the two share a great comedic chemistry and it is a delight to watch them perform.

The Kapil Sharma Show Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover is currently working on Salman Khan’s upcoming film, Bharat and Salman also happen to be the producer of The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2. He too is very keen on bringing the duo together on one stage and he too could be one of the reasons, they are considering working together.

The Kapil Sharma Show Sunil Grover

Currently, The Kapil Sharma Show stars comedians like Kiku Sharda, Bharti Singh, Krushna Abhishek, Chandan Prabhakar, Sumona Chakravarti along with Kapil Sharma. And if Sunil Grover makes a comeback, it’ll be all best comedians on one stage, making India laugh like before.

What do you think? Will Sunil and Kapil reunite?


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