Stree Ending Explained: How The Movie Could Set Up The Sequel!

Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao starrer film, Stree has been very well received by the cinema fans and has become the latest blockbuster film of Bollywood. The film has been receiving a great response from the critics and the audiences and the acting of Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao has been phenomenal in the film. The concept of the film is really interesting in which the men of Chanderi village were locking themselves to protect themselves from a witch called ‘Stree’ who only targets men. The unique concept of this film received immense appreciation from all the corners and won the hearts of many cinema fans.

Stree Ending Explained

The film revolves around a ladies’ tailor who lives in Chanderi village. Vicky (Rajkummar Rao) is the name of this tailor and he is very popular in the whole Chanderi village for his amazing work. Vicky doesn’t even need measuring tapes to take the measurements and he seems to be a god-gifted tailor. Not only this, but this extraordinary tailor is also known as the Manish Malhotra of Chanderi village. Rajkummar Rao worked really well in this role and his on-screen presence gained a lot of praise from the audiences.

Stree Movie Review

The movie is really amazing and has been very well directed but the ending of this film has raised many questions. The ending has confused everyone and every Bollywood fan is trying to figure out that what does the ending of this film has to say? Is Shraddha Kapoor the lady who has been targeting the men of Chanderi? Is she really ‘Stree’? Or is Shraddha Kapoor was the savior of Chanderi village who saved everyone from Stree, or is she a more powerful witch who is collecting the powers of other witches? Well, today we’ve got 3 major possibilities on what the ending of this blockbuster film means.

First Possibility: Shraddha Kapoor hi Stree thi

The first possibility is that Shraddha Kapoor was the lady who was targeting the men of Chanderi village. Which means that Shraddha Kapoor was ‘Stree’ and because of her, the men of Chanderi used to think twice before moving out of their homes at night. We could see that at the end when she was going back to her village after the battle, she took the hair braid of ‘Stree’ and attached it too her hair. This thing can definitely be a hint that it was none other than Shraddha Kapoor who was ‘Stree’ and because of her the whole Chanderi village was terrified.

Second Possibility: Shraddha Kapoor was the hero Chanderi needed but not the one it deserved

Second possibility is that Shraddha Kapoor was a ghost who was there at that time to save the people of Chanderi village. It means that she visited Chanderi village at that particular point of time when Stree had to come. So we can say that Shraddha Kapoor was a nice ghost and save all the men of Chanderii village from the trap of Stree. Even in the film, we saw Shraddha Kapoor fighting from the witch together with Vicky and she also saved him. So the second possibility is that Shraddha Kapoor was the savior of Chanderi.

Third Possibility: Shraddha Kapoor Will Return in…

Third possibility is that Shraddha Kapoor is a more powerful witch who is collecting powers of other witches. It means that she came to Chanderi Village to trap ‘Stree’ and collect her powers. We can say this as we saw Shraddha Kapoor attaching the braid of ‘Stree’ in the end which can also mean that she has collected her powers and so she has become even more strong now. So we can now also hope that in the sequel the villagers will have to be beware of Shraddha Kapoor as she can appear as a more powerful witch.

In the end, we saw that a board was there which read ‘O Stree Raksha Karna’ and so it is possible that in the sequel we can see ‘Stree’ saving the villagers from another witch which could be Shraddha Kapoor. Well, anything is possible and we will get to understand the last scene more properly in the sequel of this blockbuster film which is going to release next year.

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