Here’s The Reason Why Sreesanth Unfollowed His ‘Sister’ Dipika Kakkar on Instagram

Not long ago, former cricketer and Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sreesanth just unfollowed his so-called ‘sister’ Dipika Kakar. According to Sreesanth’s comments on this, as Dipika unfollowed Bhuvneshwari his wife, he unfollowed Dipika. In an interview with India-Forum Sreesanth said,

“The one who doesn’t respect my wife will not be respected by me. My wife is my Shakti and support. Dipika’s fans used to abuse my wife and kids, she should have told them not to do that but she didn’t.”

Sreesanth Dipika Kakar

He further said that she will remain his sister. But the real story behind this wasn’t unveiled. Read further to know the real reason behind Sreesanth unfollowing Dipika. According to a report by Spotboye, Dipika herself took the initiative and told Sreesanth that she would be going LIVE and talk to her fans to stop trolling his wife Bhuvneshwari and also to stop making fake accounts of her, even though Sreesanth had not asked her to do this.

Sreesanth Dipika Kakar

Actually what happened is, a few days back, when Sreesanth and his wife Bhuvneshwari met Dipika at her house, according to some reports, Dipika had requested Sreesanth to go LIVE and tell fans on the social media to stop commenting about her first marriage, because there were some comments about her relations with her first husband, whose name is Raunak Samson. The people who commented and rumored this had also tagged her current husband Shoaib.

Sreesanth Dipika Kakar

Now, Sreesanth did this on Dipika’s request and that too with full elegance. Besides this, Sreesanth and his wife Bhuvneshwari had spent at least more than 3 hours with Dipika and his husband Shoaib to sort things out and to make everything clear. We hear that the couple even condemned the threat of acid attack on the actress (apparently, Sreesanth’s fan had threatened an acid attack on Dipika).

Sreesanth Dipika Kakar

Now, it was Dipika’s turn to do something for her brother Sreesanth, but in return, she just unfollowed Bhuvneshwari, which obviously made the cricketer angry. An unknown source from the Bigg Boss also quoted by the entertainment portal,

“Sreesanth and Bhuvneshwari were taken for a ride by Dipika. Their irritation is fully justified.”

Sreesanth Dipika Kakar

Talking about their bonding on the show and even outside the show, when Dipika won the Bigg Boss 12, the fans were not happy to see that but Sreesanth was spotted saying that

“I am really happy for Dipika. She is family and so it’s special that the trophy came home. Also, I got to lift the trophy first (laughs). Romil had said that he will not even let me smell the trophy. But I did, and it smelled really good (laughs). For some reason, I feel good. So no complaints.” this just proved their bonding.

Sreesanth Dipika Kakar

The Bigg Boss 12 finalist also showed his gratitude towards his wife by saying,

“The best thing that has come out of the show is for the girl I love the most. She fell in love with a fun-loving and aggressive boy, who got lost somewhere after 2013. But now he is back, and Bhuvneshwari is so happy about that. Bigg Boss 12 has been one of the best experiences in my life. And I am proud that I gained so much strength and experience from the show. I am thankful to the team that gave me multiple chances to prove myself.”

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