SOTY 2 Tops Most Trolled Movies Of The Year 2019 List

Most Trolled Movies Of The Year 2019:

It is a common trend now for Bollywood movies to get trolled over their silly content every now and then. With only 1 month left for the end of year 2019, we have handpicked a list of Bollywood flicks that faced merciless trolling.

Amongst all, Karan Johar’s Student of the Year 2 aka SOTY 2 starring Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday & Tara Sutaria, was not only got trolled but also received flak like no other movie did in 2019.

Why So?

As his 1st attempt at SOTY was not successful, so KJo decided to launch 1 more star-kid in its sequel i.e. SOTY 2 and the minute, its trailer went public on YouTube, the movie received backlash for many things including both poor acting & storyline!

KalankSOTY 2 Trolled Movies Of The Year 2019

It is another of Karan Johar’s doing. Kalank, also met with the same fate & ended up being one of the most trolled movies of 2019. It didn’t stop at that, as Twitterati commented that they couldn’t deal with the entire movie & had exited theatres much before the interval!


SOTY 2 Trolled Movies Of The Year 2019One won’t be wrong to say that Saaho was the most anticipated movie of the year 2019 with its over 400 Crore INR budget. But all the expectations faded into oblivion when the film landed on box office. It was welcomed both with negative reviews & hilarious memes. Baahubali hero Prabhas was thrashed by critics along with Saaho director Sujeeth for putting so much money & time into making a flick that hardly had any wow factor except for a few action sequences.

Housefull 4

SOTY 2 Trolled Movies Of The Year 2019Despite the fact that the film did good business at the box office, it was trolled mercilessly by netizens & critics during its release!

Last But Not The Least

Kabir Singh

SOTY 2 Trolled Movies Of The Year 2019Alternate to all the above-mentioned flicks, Kabir Singh didn’t get trolled for bad performance or direction but owing to a few scenes that stirred controversy. Kabir Singh gave such a thrust to Shahid’s career that he straightforwardly increased his asking amount for the following projects.




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