‘Soorma’ Review: Diljit Dosanjh Outshines in the Film With His Best Performance Till Date

Recently the movie ‘Soorma’ which is the biopic of the legendary hockey player ‘Sandeep Singh’ has been released on the big screens. In the film, the superstar of Punjab, Diljit Dosanjh is acting in the shoes of this legendary Hockey player. The film Soorma highlights the life of Sandeep Singh who made a comeback into the Indian hockey team after fighting from his paralysis and then again making the whole country proud with his hockey stick. Diljit Dosanjh completely fits in the role and he looks totally like Sandeep Singh in the film.

Soorma review Diljit Dosanjh

Talking about the reviews, the movie has received moreover a positive response by the Bollywood fans and the acting of the superstar Diljit Singh is just phenomenal in the film. The twitter is bursting with the praise of Diljit’s commendable performance and many celebrities have tweeted saying all good things for the movie and specially Diljit. Filmy curry recently tweeted,

“ @diljitdosanjh, Pride in his turban, innocence in his acting, there was a passion in the way he held the hockey stick and became #SandeepSingh for us. He not only shines but outshines in the film.”

On the other side, Salil Acharya who is a Bollywood actor and a radio jockey tweeted,

“ Loved #soorma  @diljitdosanjh is incredible.. so natural and underplayed @Imangadbedi brilliant and a perfect foil … and @tapsee once again showing tht shes the new age heroine perfect in ensemble casts … great return by #shaadali a must watch #SoormaReview.”


Surely, the film involves some brilliant stuff by Diljit Dosanjh in the shoes of Sandeep Singh. He has totally been a natural actor and it seems that Sandeep Singh himself is there playing hockey for India. You would definitely be going to love the on-screen presence of Diljit Dosanjh and if you are a true fan of hockey, then you should not miss this sort of an inspirational movie. The real-life story of Sandeep Singh will completely inspire you and definitely, you’ll just be surprised to know many facts of his life. A man who stood up after paralysis and again winning games for his country is just something out of this world. Diljit Dosanjh completely grabs the attention of the audiences on the screen and whenever he appears, every time you’ll be completely into him.


On the other hand, some of the critics also criticized the plot of the film and said that it could have been better than this. Some stated that Diljit was phenomenal but only Diljit could not make the film an outstanding piece of work and still it could be improved. They have stated that in some parts, the reality was hidden and it has changed a bit of reality in many scenes. Still, the critics have taken the side of the superstar Diljit Dosanjh and have completely accepted that Diljit Dosanjh has delivered a heart-winning performance. It definitely seems to be his career’s best performance and his acting in the film is definitely something a true Bollywood fan can’t miss on to.


Talking about the ratings of the film, Indian Express rates 2.5/5, Hindustan Times rates 2/5, Deccan Chronicles rates 4/5 and IMBD rates it 7.3/10. By this, we can figure out that the film has been receiving mixed reviews from the audiences and the critics but the acting of Diljit has been receiving all positive from the Bollywood fans. Even the legendary sportsperson Sachin Tendulkar has watched the film and he has found it completely inspiring. After watching the film, master blaster said,

“Fantastic movie, it is really inspiring. We all followed Hockey but something like this had happened to Sandeep I was not aware of honestly. So, I am so happy that Shiva, Shaad, Diljit and Angad, who I have seen grown up as a kid, have done a brilliant job.”

The master blaster seems completely satisfied with the movie and has written all positive. Well, if you are a true fan of Diljit Dosanjh or hockey, in both the cases you just can’t afford to miss this kind of an inspiring film. Diljit Dosanjh completely nailed it!

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