Sonu Sood to be The First Guest on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’?

If the incoming reports are to be believed then Bollywood Actor: Sonu Sood is expected to grace ‘The Kapil Sharma’s Show’ as the first guest, in honor of his good deeds with the migrant workers, that are still in continuance.

Sonu Sood The Kapil Sharma Show
Sonu Sood The Kapil Sharma Show

As per a report on Bollywood Life, Sonu Sood, who has been one of the most loved personalities since the ongoing coronavirus pandemic began, will be the first guest on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. The move comes in since there are not many movies or TV shows available to promote, as shooting for every TV show and film came to a halt back in March end when the coronavirus pandemic hit both India and the world hard.

For the unaware, Sonu Sood has been continuously working towards sending migrant workers back to their hometown. He has been doing his best when it comes to arranging for buses and flights to help the workers reach their homes safely. Sonu also took care of healthcare and other essential facilities for these workers.

When it comes to the talk of migrant workers, Sonu had stated that he loves to see them smile, and that motivates him more to work towards helping more migrant workers reach back home both safe and secure.

The Kapil Sharma Show Shot Digitally
The Kapil Sharma Show Shot Digitally

Reportedly, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ would begin its shooting from June 24, 2020. The show could be shot complying with all COVID-19 norms that have been laid down by the Maharashtra government to deal with the existing coronavirus situation. Social distancing has been made mandatory on the sets.

What makes Sonu Sood’s efforts exceptional in nature, is that he is not that much old in the film industry like other Bollywood bigwigs and also not many movies are there in his resume. But the amount of money he has spent in his help efforts tells one thing that big names and fame do not guarantee a big heart.

You need a will to help and rest the god provides.


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