Sonu Sood Turns Marriage Counsellor During Coronavirus Times 

We all know that Bollywood Citizen: Sonu Sood has established himself as a name who can help every migrant reach his home amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis. And if you don’t believe it, then Sonu’s open oath in this regard is living proof.

As we all know that this never before seen coronavirus pandemic has brought us F2F with problems that were never seen before in the past and unique problems from unexpected sectors of the society are coming to the rescue.

One such problem arose when one woman complained to Sonu Sood through a tweet that she cannot live with her husband under one roof anymore. And Sonu should help her by transporting either him out of the house or her to her mother’s house. Sonu very quickly donned the hat of a marriage counselor. And he rocked in this uniform.

When this coronavirus pandemic began, relationship experts from around the world warned of such happenings in advance whether it be a developed, developing, or underdeveloped country.

Hard times test relationships at the core.

Coming back to Sonu Sood’s reply to this woman’s request. Have a look below:

He said,

“@SonuSood I am staying with my husband from Janta Curfew to lock down 4. Can u either send him or send me to my mother’s house, as I can’t stay with him anymore,” she tweeted to the actor, who came up with a cool solution. “I have a better plan .. let me send both of you to Goa. What do you say?”

People too have acknowledged Sonu’s courteous offerings and one pregnant lady whom Sonu helped reach her village named her newborn after Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood Coronavirus Times
Sonu Sood Coronavirus Times

That saying goes right that when you do something good from the bottom of your heart your actions echo in the timeline both during your lifetime and after you cease to exist.

Sonu Sood might have spent lots of money but his efforts have earned him something that is invaluable.


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