Sonu Nigam Performing ‘Mahabharat’ Title Song In Front Of BR Chopra & Mukesh Khanna

Sonu Nigam Performing BR Chopra &Mukesh Khanna:

Have a look at popular Bollywood singer: Sonu Nigam performing ‘Mahabharat’ title song in front of BR Chopra and Mukesh Khanna.

Sonu Nigam shared a video of him dating back to 1989, where he could be seen singing ‘Mahabharat’ title song during a live concert.

Sonu Nigam is one of those Bollywood celebs who are currently stranded off-shore. As airports worldwide have been shut down for an indefinite period owing to the coronavirus pandemic whose expansion seems to have no end.

Sonu Nigam is currently under lockdown in Dubai and from there he shared an interesting video on his YouTube channel. Talking more about this video, this renowned singer can be heard crooning to the title song of BR Chopra’s Television show ‘Mahabharat’.

Sonu Nigam Performing BR Chopra &Mukesh Khanna
Sonu Nigam Performing BR Chopra &Mukesh Khanna

Mahabharat producer: BR Chopra along with Mukesh Khanna, who played the role of Bhishma Pitamah in the epic, was seen at the live concert back in 1989. A young Sonu is soon heard singing the title track in front of them along with a band who played their instruments.

Have a look at the video below:

Sonu was heard singing at Aadharshila Awards Function at Talkatora Indore Stadium on September 17th, 1989. Just the following year, this singer entered Bollywood as a playback singer for ‘Janam’, but unfortunately, the film did not release. Sonu got his proper introduction with Bollywood two years later in 1992 and was active till the year 2015.

Either Sonu has gone on a sabbatical for the last 5 years or not getting any work. God knows. These days talent of all sorts is available in plenty in the industry.

Talking about ‘Mahabharat’, it has been re-released on Television to keep common Indian entertained under the coronavirus lockdown. The show was the 2nd most popular show after Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’, which was also released on Doordarshan under lockdown. While ‘Uttar Ramayan’ left an impact on the people, the channel decided to bring back ‘Shri Krishna’ after the coronavirus lockdown was given the 3rd tenure.



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