Sonam Kapoor Shares The Weirdest Rumor About Herself: “That I Am Pregnant Without Being Pregnant”

Netizens jumping to conclusions without even looking for a little bit of sensible proof to back their claims & all that just to have fun at the cost of others, in most cases celebs, is a common phenomenon now. And this is becoming a strong contributing factor towards a lot of celebs saying goodbye to social media forever. Ever since Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Priyanka Chopra got hitched, rumors of them being pregnant show up on social media every now and then. And in most cases, they are often targeted with comments like ‘Are they pregnant’ all on the basis of their clothes.

This time it was Sonam Kapoor’s turn.

Sonam Kapoor The Weirdest Rumor
Sonam Kapoor The Weirdest Rumor

Sonam Kapoor who is married to Anand Ahuja, is currently on a promotion spree for her upcoming film, The Zoya Factor, and there she shared the weirdest rumor about her and said, “That I am pregnant without being pregnant”.

During a conversation with Faridoon Shahryar, when Sonam was asked if she has any fashion tips for Alia Bhatt, she said she’s already quite impressed with Alia’s latest fashion choices.

When Sonam was asked about any fashion tips for Deepika Padukone, she said, “I think she has an amazing body. So, she should dress to show her body.”

Talking About Salman Khan & her The Zoya Factor co-star, Dulquer Salmaan, she joked, “Don’t wear t-shirts.”

Talking about Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam said,

“He has got great sneakers. That’s what my husband says. I didn’t even know that about Ranbir. He apparently has the best sneakers. Almost as good as Anand.”

Talking about The Zoya Factor, helmed by Abhishek Sharma. It is slated for a 20th Sept 2019 release. It is based on the book by Anuja Chauhan that carries the same title. Sonam plays Zoya, a young & successful advertising executive who becomes the good luck charm for India’s cricket team during the World Cup.

To be precise this movie is just about creating a big hype around coincidence and luck and superstitions.


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