Sonakshi’s Reply To Akshay Kumar Eclipsing Others In Mission Mangal Poster

Mission Mangal has five actresses but despite all that one of the film posters has Akshay Kumar occupying the major chunk as compared to the leading ladies.

Sonakshi Akshay Kumar Mission Mangal
Sonakshi Akshay Kumar Mission Mangal

Sonakshi who is having quite a busy August this year. Even when her Khandaani Shafakhana is still live in theatres, she’s preparing for the release of her next – Mission Mangal. She is neck deep in promotions of the film which is based on India’s Mars Orbiter Mission.

Even though Mission Mangal stars five leading actresses, its promotional voice pieces strongly suggest Akshay Kumar as the driving force. For those who don’t agree, one of the posters of the film had Akshay Kumar’s face occupying the larger space while those of the ladies were all crammed up one after the other.

Akshay has made several attempts to clear the air in his interactions with the media, that Mission Mangal belongs to its leading ladies, but the poster seemed to suggest otherwise to a few netizens.

When Sonakshi was asked to comment on this grey area, she told Hindustan Times,

“I also read this somewhere. To all of us, it was team work. Even while we were shooting, nobody was made to feel smaller than the other person, despite there being so many people. And the fact of the matter is that Akshay Kumar is the biggest star in the film! Someone had told me very long back (smiles) and this line has stuck in my head: Jo bikta hai, woh dikhta hai’. Today, if you see Akshay’s collections, he’s the highest selling star in the entire film, that is why (his face is bigger on the poster).”

Taapsee Pannu, who is Sonakshi’s co-star in the flick, had similar comments. Her words to the daily were,

“It is great people notice that, also then those same people can do something about the collections of a female-driven film. Because Akshay Kumar will get the audience in the theatre, that is the hard fact. All of us are doing great work in our own capacities. But, he will still manage to get a bigger number, at the end of the day. We cannot run away from this reality.”

She added,

“Whatever issue happened with the poster, hope people realise it and do something about it rather than questioning the makers. The audience can change things by walking into theatres where women are at the forefront. Hopefully, in the future, it shouldn’t be about gender, but whose films get the numbers. Eventually it is a business and about how much money your films can make.”

As compared to Sonakshi, Taapsee gave a very clear answer about the existence of gender bias in promotional pieces of the flick.

Nithya Menon, Vidya Balan and Kirti Kulhari are rest of the 3 leading ladies of Mission Mangal, that is to be aired on silver screen on coming 15th August.


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